Last Friday, Real Talk for Change participated in GBH’s “Boston Race into History” news segment. We talked about how we are helping create a mayoral campaign that is grounded in Bostonians’ lived experiences.

Watch here the full interview hosted by Adam Reilly with our Campaign Manager Ron Bell and Project Lead Ceasar McDowell. […]

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“For the past several months, Boston residents have heard a lot from the candidates running for mayor about their aspirations for leading this city. But on Monday, a half-dozen residents came together as a part of a new civic engagement campaign, aimed at refocusing the narrative and giving voice to regular people, especially those who feel ignored. The effort, called “Real Talk for Change,” was launched this summer by MIT researchers, who have enlisted community facilitators to convene roughly 600 residents from different parts of the city to share their stories—and dreams—about the future of Boston.” […]

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